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Shocking Video : Python attacks Puppy(Dog) in China

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Horrifying video shows Python attacks puppy
Horrifying video shows python swallowing a poodle whole after cruel owner DELIBERATELY feeds puppy to the deadly snake
In the footage from China, a golden python attempted to eat the pet dog
A man is heard saying the snake 'surely will not eat it' in the background
Users on China's Twitter-like Weibo have slammed the animals' owners
A video of a pet snake eating its owner's puppy has caused outrage in China with internet users slamming the owner's behaviour.

In the video released on 18 March, the golden python can be seen grabbing the dog by its head before later entangling the puppy with its body, reported Huanqiu.com, an affiliation with the People's Daily Online.

It's believed that the owner of both pets deliberately fed the poodle to the python to test if the reptile would eat it.
In the background of the six-second clip, a man can be heard saying 'the snake surely will not eat it'. Afterwards, a woman is heard crying in horror.

The footage does not reveal if the dog was swallowed by the animal.

According to Xie Yan, associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Zoology, Golden Pythons usually eat wild animals for food.

Xie said: 'Domestic Golden Pythons need approval from the State Forestry Administration. It is an offense to own one.'
The video has caused outrage among internet users in China.

On Sina.com, most users criticised the owner of the animals.

One user said: 'A golden python costs at least a couple of million Yuan. [This man] must be a tasteless tycoon. Ordinary people would not be able to afford the pet, this person is indeed sick.'

While another wrote: 'The man and woman in this video should be given a death sentence. Do they still have humanity?'

However some people defended the couple saying that it was just the food chain in action.

One person said: 'Some people find this cruel. However have you eaten meat? If you eat it, it's not cruel but when a python eats it, it is. After all, this is the law of the food chain.'

Speaking to MailOnline, Mimi Bekhechi Director of PETA UK said: 'How despicable that anyone would get their kicks from filming the outcome of filming the predicatable outcome of throwing a small dog to a python.'

Ms Bekhechi added: 'The individuals involved should cause everyone to be concerned because a lack of empathy and a desire to exert power over the helpless invariably manifests itself in other antisocial ways, including other violent crimes.

'We ask that authorities investigate the source of this video and urge anyone with information about the identity of this individual to come forward right away.'

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